Reclaim Your Spending

In this workshop, I draw upon principles from consumer psychology and financial psychology, taking you through the process of purchase decisions and break down four techniques to help you intercept them and reclaim control of your financial behaviour.

This free class has now passed, but you can grab the recording for the cost of a coffee.

Vision & Values

A 90-minute interactive workshop designed to get you engaged with and empowered by your financial goals and values. Together, we’ll unpack your financial values, develop ways to manage your money in alignment with them, and establish a vision-based practice to keep you totally on board with your money goals.


Rewrite Your Money Narrative 3 Day Challenge

This 3 day challenge will teach you to intercept your negative money thought patterns, identify areas of your life that are activating harmful money narratives, and begin developing a more positive financial mindset that fosters greater financial wellbeing.


freelancing 101 workshop

Freelancing 101: How to Start Freelancing Your Services and Get Paid – RECORDING

A deep dive into everything I’ve learned about freelancing over the last six years. If you’ve got a skill and you’d like to earn money by providing your service to clients, this workshop is for you. We’ll go right from deciding what you want to do and who for, to setting up a simple and affordable website, how to bring in paying clients, how to organise your invoicing and payments, and top tips and tricks to help you become a pro freelancer in no time.