Reflect & Reset: Two part workshop series to end 2022 and kick off 2023

In this two part virtual workshop, I’ll guide you through how to reflect on 2022 from a money perspective, and hit reset with new financial goals, habits and behaviours, with a supporting roadmap towards a financially confident 2023.

Ticket price is for BOTH workshops.

Part one: REFLECT. [Live date passed] Recording provided upon purchased.

  • Complete a reflective money exercise to help you get clear on what 2022 represented for you and your finances
  • Release any money baggage that’s holding you back
  • Clear the deck and closing loops ready for 2023
  • Complete in depth strategic analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve with what you have

Part two: RESET. Wednesday 18th January 2023, 7.30pm Syd/Mel time

  • Re-centre after the holidays
  • Revisiting and solidifying goals and visions for the year
  • Develop a 6 week progressive sprint to kick off your year
  • Establish milestones, reviews and routines to keep you on track
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freelancing 101 workshop

Freelancing 101: How to Start Freelancing Your Services and Get Paid – RECORDING

A deep dive into everything I’ve learned about freelancing over the last six years. If you’ve got a skill and you’d like to earn money by providing your service to clients, this workshop is for you. We’ll go right from deciding what you want to do and who for, to setting up a simple and affordable website, how to bring in paying clients, how to organise your invoicing and payments, and top tips and tricks to help you become a pro freelancer in no time.

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Love Yourself, Love Your Money Workshop – FREE RECORDING

In the recorded workshop, we covered:

  • working out where your money habits aren’t truly serving you
  • unpacking our self worth and feelings towards money
  • exploring our brain’s natural negativity bias and how it could be holding you back with money
  • releasing spending and saving demons
  • ditching your financial past
  • getting to know yourself and applying that to your money
  • rewriting your money story
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