It's here! The Feel Good Finance Guide is an 86-page handbook, designed to get you feeling good about money on your own terms. Lots of finance and budgeting guides start with the numbers – put this much in this account and that much in that account. The Feel Good Finance guide is different. Across 8 chapters, we'll unpack what's going on behind your bank balance, and create a strong and emotionally safe foundation upon which to build a feel good financial ecosystem, that empowers you to manage your money YOUR way. This eBook will:
  • give you the understanding and self-awareness you need to build a positive relationship with money
  • show you how to get more emotional value out of your money
  • unpack your financial values and why they matter
  • put you in control of how you feel about money
  • reframe the way you see money management
  • give you a holistic framework from which to build your own version of financial confidence
  • help you build a feel-good financial ecosystem that's designed for YOU
This guide will become your feel good financial playbook to refer back to time and time again, and help shape your very own financially confident future. It'll help you shake off spending habits that have been holding you back for so long, finally feel good about money, and discover that financial confidence is well within your reach, AND it can be fun... who knew?! **please read the purchase information below for instructions on accessing your files**