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    42 pages packed full of tips, guides and worksheets to have you living your best financial life. You will receive a link on the checkout page and in your email to download your copy. If you subscribe to my newsletter during checkout, you will also receive access my free budget babe course into your inbox. **eBook download link expires 2 days after purchase.**  
  • A deep dive into everything I've learned about freelancing over the last six years. If you've got a skill and you'd like to earn money by providing your service to clients, this workshop is for you. We'll go right from deciding what you want to do and who for, to setting up a simple and affordable website, and then bringing in clients. Find out how I went from cold emailing companies asking for work to bringing in business entirely based on referrals, and getting paid $$$ to do it. My personal experience is as a freelance copywriter, but the session is suitable for anyone looking to get paid for their services as a freelancer, from copywriters to designers to virtual assistants. The content in this workshop is applicable to all countries though mentions of tax and business structures will be based on my own knowledge of Australia and the UK. The 90 minute session will cover:
    • Getting started and setup (ABN, business registration, invoices, etc)
    • Building a portfolio of your skills
    • Finding your first client
    • When to charge and how much to charge
    • Navigating the currency of exposure
    • Tax on freelance work
    • Marketing yourself
    • Briefing clients
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Finding your niche
    • Scaling and raising your rates
    • Following up unpaid invoices
    • Networking
    ... plus an opportunity for Q&A at the end. Accessibility: all sessions are close captioned.  Chosen date sold out? Join the waitlist to be notified of the next scheduled dates.

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