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    THE WARDROBE PAUSE CHALLENGE RETURNS IN FEBRUARY 2024! Sign up to the waitlist to be the first to know when tickets go on sale. What's included:
    • Opening ceremony + masterclass via Zoom on Monday 2 October at 8pm AEST
    • Closing ceremony via Zoom on date TBD (group consensus will be established)
    PLUS a raft of community events throughout the month
    • Styling masterclass with slow fashion stylist Jenna Flood
    • 2 x stylist Q&A sessions
    • 1 x spending and financial behaviour Q&A session
    • Goal setting masterclass
    • Healthy spending masterclass
    • Facebook Group support throughout the month, with reflections, tasks, exercises, conversations and community Daily photo challenge: put together an outfit from your existing wardrobe each day – you'll end up with an album of 31 outfits at the end of the month!
    • Ongoing support and encouragement from me to maximise your financial behaviour learnings
    • Low-effort workbook with prompts to consolidate your learnings
    • Replay access to all events
    The aim of the wardrobe pause is for you to circuit break your clothing consumption habits. For this reason, we recommend committing to a 'no buy' on clothing for the duration of the challenge. However, this is a shame and guilt free zone. If you'd prefer to do a low buy or tweak the rules to suit you, that's totally fine. No judgement here. Links to resources and the Facebook group will be emailed to you ahead of challenge kick off.
  • Ticket price covers BOTH workshops, replays will be provided. Part one: REFLECT | Sunday 10 December, 7.00 PM AEDT Part two: RESET | Sunday 14 January, 7.00 PM AEDT Two part workshop series unpacking your money stuff from 2023, and setting goals and action plans for 2024. Join me ahead of the holiday season to reflect on your year in money, and regroup after the new year to hit reset on your habits and behaviours. In part one, we'll go through a guided money reflection exercise to look back on what 2023 has held for you and your finances, and extract strategic goals to focus on for 2024. There will be optional homework tasks to give you more clarity on the specifics of your own numbers. In part two, we'll revisit the goals we extracted and ground them down into specific habits and behaviours, and set up a 6 week sprint to help you hit the ground running. This is for you if:
    • you often find yourself loosely setting a goal without any structure, strategy, or consideration for other factors that impact it
    • your money vibe for 2024 feels a bit overwhelming and you're not quite sure where to start
    • you kinda know what you need to do but you're not quite sure how to make yourself do it
    • you dig personal development and you're curious how it can be applied to our finances
    • you want to go into 2024 with a clear and informed direction to guide you
    • you hate the hustle nature of new year goal setting and want something that has all the feel good vibes of a fresh start without the restriction, pressure and punishment.
    • 252 pages total
    • 52 weekly four-page spreads of my signature spending review framework
    • 12 spreads of reflective journal prompts
    • Plenty of space for additional notes, thoughts or and jottings
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  • It's here! The Feel Good Finance Guide is an 86-page handbook, designed to get you feeling good about money on your own terms. Lots of finance and budgeting guides start with the numbers – put this much in this account and that much in that account. The Feel Good Finance guide is different. Across 8 chapters, we'll unpack what's going on behind your bank balance, and create a strong and emotionally safe foundation upon which to build a feel good financial ecosystem, that empowers you to manage your money YOUR way. This eBook will:
    • give you the understanding and self-awareness you need to build a positive relationship with money
    • show you how to get more emotional value out of your money
    • unpack your financial values and why they matter
    • put you in control of how you feel about money
    • reframe the way you see money management
    • give you a holistic framework from which to build your own version of financial confidence
    • help you build a feel-good financial ecosystem that's designed for YOU
    This guide will become your feel good financial playbook to refer back to time and time again, and help shape your very own financially confident future. It'll help you shake off spending habits that have been holding you back for so long, finally feel good about money, and discover that financial confidence is well within your reach, AND it can be fun... who knew?! **please read the purchase information below for instructions on accessing your files**


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