financial research

Financial research

In 2022, The Broke Generation commenced regular quantitative and qualitative research into the financial experience, beliefs and behaviours of people aged 18-40. Ongoing tracking studies are currently running to establish trends in the way millennials and gen z think and feel about their money and the financial landscape around them.

Current research reports available

The Link Between Money and Mental Health Among Millennials

Amidst a global mental health crisis, this research aims to uncover the ways in which poor mental health is putting financial wellbeing further out of reach for young people.

  • Commonalities in financial behaviours that are influenced by poor mental health
  • Spending behaviours during bouts of poor mental health
  • Mental health management expenditure

Attitudes and Behaviours Surrounding Buy Now Pay Later Usage

As Buy Now Pay Later explode in popularity, this study aims to establish what drives people to use the platforms, what they’re using them for, and whether the awareness of their dangers is resulting in a decline in usage.

  • The primary driver of BNPL usage
  • Categories BNPL is most commonly used to purchase
  • Increase/decrease in usage over the past 6 months
  • Beliefs and behaviours around BNPL as a payment method

Coming soon

  • Post Pandemic Attitudes Towards Emergency Savings
  • The Relationship Between Career Satisfaction and Financial Confidence
  • Why Millennials Spend: The Drivers of Consumption and the Ethics of Modern Advertising

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