Ticket price covers BOTH workshops, replays will be provided.

Part one: REFLECT | Sunday 10 December, 7.00 PM AEDT

Part two: RESET | Sunday 14 January, 7.00 PM AEDT

Two part workshop series unpacking your money stuff from 2023, and setting goals and action plans for 2024.

Join me ahead of the holiday season to reflect on your year in money, and regroup after the new year to hit reset on your habits and behaviours.

In part one, we’ll go through a guided money reflection exercise to look back on what 2023 has held for you and your finances, and extract strategic goals to focus on for 2024. There will be optional homework tasks to give you more clarity on the specifics of your own numbers.

In part two, we’ll revisit the goals we extracted and ground them down into specific habits and behaviours, and set up a 6 week sprint to help you hit the ground running.

This is for you if:

  • you often find yourself loosely setting a goal without any structure, strategy, or consideration for other factors that impact it
  • your money vibe for 2024 feels a bit overwhelming and you’re not quite sure where to start
  • you kinda know what you need to do but you’re not quite sure how to make yourself do it
  • you dig personal development and you’re curious how it can be applied to our finances
  • you want to go into 2024 with a clear and informed direction to guide you
  • you hate the hustle nature of new year goal setting and want something that has all the feel good vibes of a fresh start without the restriction, pressure and punishment.