Pulse Spending Journal

Pulse Spending Journal


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What’s inside:

  • 252 pages total
  • 52 weekly four-page spreads of my signature spending review framework
  • 12 spreads of reflective journal prompts
  • Plenty of space for additional notes, thoughts or and jottings

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In stock

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The Pulse Money Journal is here!

I’ve turned my spending review Notion template into a hard copy journal for those who prefer pen-to-paper reflections. Make 2023 the year you keep your finger on the pulse of your spending behaviours and the feelings, emotions and environments that impact where your money goes.

Why you’ll love this:

  • It’s dateless, so you can freely dip in and out of hands-on spending reflections without losing out on usability.
  • It’s deliberately simple. Personally, when I pick up ultra-flashy journals with a million different features and systems, I get overwhelmed. I’ve made this spending review journal clear, concise and focused one the key area: your spending. This reduces the likelihood of this journal sitting unused in on your bedside table.
  • In each weekly reflection, you’ll be prompted to
    • Look at how you felt about money and reasons why that might be
    • Celebrate what went well and identify what could be improved
    • Keep track of your transactions and how much joy they added to your life
    • Correlate external factors to your spending and identify patterns in behaviour
    • Plan for the week ahead to avoid slip ups and be more mindful with your weekly spending
    • Set intentions and strategies for the week ahead to keep you accountable
  • After each four weekly spreads, you’ll find journal prompts to get you thinking about your relationship with money.


Things to know:

The Pulse Money Journal has been printed locally in Australia using what’s called a ‘perfect bind’ to keep them as affordable as possible without compromising on quality or local production. As a result, the journal spine will feel tight when you first open the pages. Give it a good bend backwards to open it out before you begin writing.

I am currently only able to ship the journals to Australia and New Zealand. If the initial small batch is a success, I can look to expanding shipping zones.

This journal began as a Notion template. You know I’m a big advocate for ‘proving before you purchase’. That is, to prove to yourself you’ll use something before you spend money on it. I’d strongly encourage you to check out the $7 Notion template first before purchasing. Find it here.



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