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    NOTE: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Stay tuned on social media for reschedule date. Swifties and Tortured Spenders,: May's community masterclass is for you. While the Tortured Poet's era has just begun, let's get you out of your tortured spender era and into your hot girl money era. Highlights include:
    • Identifying your money personality (are you avoidant like The Bolter?!)
    • Understanding and rewriting your money Manuscript
    • Exploring The Alchemy of a good money routine
    • Nailing down financial habits that you can even do with a broken heart
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  • The Wardrobe Pause Challenge has entered a new era... June 3rd - July 14th 2024 Welcome to The Wardrobe Project. The 6 week clothing consumption experience that'll change the way you see your wardrobe, yourself, and your money. What's included:
    • Opening ceremony via Zoom
    • Closing ceremony via Zoom
    • Community Facebook group + daily outfit photo threads
    • Weekly learning theme delivered via exclusive private podcast
    • Live stylist masterclass + in-group support
    • 2 additional live and recorded masterclasses
    • 6 weeks of community support to hold you accountable and maximise your experience
    The challenge will operate from inside the dedicated Facebook group, where you'll find links to all events, daily outfit photo threads and discussions throughout the month.  The aim of The Wardrobe Project is for you to circuit break your clothing consumption habits. For this reason, we recommend committing to a 'no buy' on clothing for the duration of the challenge. However, this is a shame and guilt free zone. If you'd prefer to do a low buy or tweak the rules to suit you, that's totally fine. No judgement here. NOTE: You will be emailed a welcome pack with a link to the Facebook group and all other relevant information one week prior to Project kick off.


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