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Practical money tips you can action

You want to start doing some practical work on your relationship with money

If you’re looking for exercises, practical tips and creative strategies to start doing the work to turn your money around from within, these are the resources for you.

Let’s get you started

feel good finance guide

Get my Feel Good Finance Workbook

If you’re ready to start questioning your financial beliefs and untangling the emotions behind your financial behaviours, this workbook will help you do that. Across 7 chapters and 86 pages (yeesh!) I take you through a series of exercises and prompts about you and your money. What comes out of these exercises will begin to fill out the story of you and your money, and help you find ways to change the way you think, feel and behave with money. Once you start to notice why you do the things you do, you start to find the strength and clarity to do things differently.

The result? Saving feels easier than ever, you’re not buying things you regret or sabotaging your financial confidence by online shopping on a bad day. It’s about pursuing full emotional freedom from your money – and it starts here.

Take a masterclass

Take a peek at upcoming workshops and masterclasses, or grab yourself access to a replay. My sessions cover everything from breaking free from emotional spending, to understanding your money story, to reprogramming your brain to form better financial habits.

I’m going to be adding more sessions soon, so stay tuned!