Start or grow a side hustle or business

Hey there, future business owner! So you wanna start or grow something of your own?

A big part of my ethos around money is about having control over your income. If you’ve got an appetite for business, big or small, having something of your own gives you financial autonomy you can’t get elsewhere. That’s why I love helping people kick start a business or side gig that brings in extra income.

Let’s get you started

freelancing 101 workshop

Take my Freelancing 101 Workshop

This jam-packed two hour masterclass teaches you everything I learned in 7 years of freelancing. Starting from the ground up with minimal experience, I went from charging $10 an hour to $100 an hour, and made a lot of mistakes, learnings and realisations along the way.

This class teaches you how to get set up, find clients and start monetising your skill in a way that works for you. Grab access to the recording for just $15AUD.

broke business podcast

Listen to the Broke Business podcast

Conversations, tips and advice on running a real business in the real world. If you’re in the trenches of starting or growing a business or side hustle from the ground up, this is the ultimate no bullshit business chat you need in your ears.