feel good finance guide

86 pages of feel-good finance content, designed to help you develop financial confidence on your own terms, from the ground up.

The ultimate guide to understanding your spending habits, your financial personality and your embedded behaviours around money.

The topics we’ll cover

  • Your past with money

  • Establish your financial values

  • Unpack your financial behaviours

  • Change your financial habits

  • Get more joy from your money

  • Identify your spending and saving priorities

  • Build a flexible financial ecosystem that works for your personality

  • Make positive money management part of your lifestyle

This ultimate guide is for you if…

  • You’ve tried setting budgets or following systems before but still wind up overspending or feeling lost

  • You want to feel like you’re getting real value out of your money
  • You want to stop using spending as a way of cheering yourself up or soothing your emotions
  • You want to get to the core of why you are the way you are with money, and gain the understanding and self-knowledge you need to make a lasting change
  • You want to stop spending on things you regret, or feeling like you have nothing to show for your money
  • You want to break bad spending habits and make managing your money easy and sustainable for the long term
  • You want to tackle your financial past and feel good about money