Ready to change your financial narrative?

Let’s do this. If you’re viewing this page, you’ve been invited to participate in the first ever Feel Good Finances facilitation program where, together, we’re going to work through everything that’s been holding you back with money for far too long. You’ve got the Feel Good Finance Guide. You know you want to make some changes to your financial behaviours. You just need some support, community and accountability to get you there.

This is exactly that. We’ll meet on Zoom for 3 workshops over a 6 week period, breaking down where you’ve come from ( the beliefs that are holding you back), where you are now (the behaviours that are holding you back) and where you want to be (pay off debt, spend in a healthy way, and quit pulling money out of your savings once and for all).

Based on the things you said you needed support with, highlights of this program will include:

– understanding your emotional spending patterns

– overcoming impulse spending

– getting on top of financial overwhelm

– unpacking your money beliefs and sabotage cycles

– getting to the root of what’s causing your financial behaviour

– reprogramming your thoughts around money

Workshop #1

Where you’ve come from

This first session will be all about understanding your money story up until now, and the beliefs that are holding you back with your finances, and connect that to what’s going on with your money in there here and now. Through open conversations we’ll share our experiences and start to piece together the reasons why we are the way we are with money. We’ll cover:

  • Unpack the experiences that inform the way you see money
  • Uncover the money narrative you’ve been unconsciously living by
  • Connect to ways this might be holding you back in your everyday money habits

Workshop #2

Where you are now

This session is really grounded in your everyday behaviours and patterns with money. We’ll break down the why behind all the behaviours you want to change, and establish a new way of approaching your triggers and emotions so that you don’t respond with spending. We’ll cover:

  • Why you’re pulling money from your savings 3 days before payday
  • Why you keep starting over again
  • What’s causing you to sabotage your progress
  • How we can reprogram your brain to break the spending cycles you’re stuck in

Workshop #3

Where you want to be

In the final session we’ll round out our work together by establishing a new perspective on your money, including a new way of managing it that works with you, rather than against you. We’ll set some goals and break down ways to achieve them, anticipate the barriers or obstacles you might face on your way there, and tie together the things we’ve uncovered about your beliefs and behaviours into practical ways to move forward. We’ll cover:

  • Understanding your financial values
  • Discuss ways to build a feel-good financial ecosystem
  • Set goals to keep you moving forward
  • Develop strategies to help you manage your behavioural patterns

Facebook group throughout the 6 weeks to chat through challenges, obstacles and wins along the way.


What is the format of the workshops?

Great question! There will be slides that I’ll talk through, that break down different concepts and give examples to you can relate to the content on a personal level. Then, there’ll be exercises throughout, and community conversation (either by typing in the chat box, or by turning your video and audio on and talking to the me and the group). The way you participate is entirely up to you. This is a safe space and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If nobody wants to share that day, I’ll share my own experiences and we can work with that – remember, I’ve experienced many of the feelings you’re currently having around money. I have absolutely got you.

Will I get a recording if I can’t make it live?

Yes! I will make the recordings available, but the real value in these sessions will be in the discussions we have live, so it’s worth trying to come live at least some of the time.

Will we follow the whole Feel Good Finance Guide?

In a way, yes, but not page by page, word by word. Many of the exercises we’ll do are from the guide, but there will be additional discussion points, interactive activities and homework for you to go through in your own time. The flow of the workshops starts with your beliefs, then your behaviours, then integrating our learnings on those into your everyday life.

What if I don’t complete the tasks?

Prior to the first session, and at the end of workshops #1 and #2, I’ll set you small tasks or exercises to do before our next session. This isn’t school, they’re not mandatory! But you will get the most out of the program if you do commit.

Will this program fix my finances once and for all?!

Honestly? Probably not. I’m not selling you some snake oil miracle fix-all solution, and so I’m not going to claim that three workshops is all that stands between you and financial freedom. This work takes time, and it evolves with you as you learn more about yourself, your habits and your beliefs. It may very well supercharge your journey to financial confidence, and give you an entirely new insight into why you are the way you are with money. It will teach you new ways of thinking about money and help you break negative patterns. But, this type of work is ongoing, and we’re never really at the end of our financial self-discovery!