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Welcome to part two of my Year in Review! In case you missed the first part, it dropped last Thursday, so be sure to give that a listen. Today, we’re diving in from July, where I’m sharing the highs and lows of juggling running my own business, writing a book and everything else that life felt like throwing at me! From working to the bone on my book, to dealing with the challenges of maintaining mental health, we’re covering it all.

Despite some very heavy challenges, the second half of the year definitely started to come up (thanks Milhouse Mindset!). While in rock-bottom’s basement, my book was eventually becoming more solidified, and my wardrobe challenge gave me an extra boost of positivity.

Reflecting on the year, I’m proud of overcoming challenges and finding a level of financial stability in my second year of full-time self-employment. So, let’s jump right into the second instalment of my journey through the year.

Episode highlights:

  • Finding my rhythm with university studies and the rest of my schedule,
  • The importance of scheduling breaks and maintaining boundaries when it comes to rest,
  • The importance of the supportive business community,
  • How the Milhouse Mindset has been helping me in the later half of the year (Check out Episode 115: My game-changing mantra for the last 3 months of 2023).

By the middle of the year, really started leaning into the really lovely business self-employed community that I kind of cultivated over the last few months.
Emma [07:59]

Now I can chill a little bit before we hit the ground running in the New Year in terms of like goals and stuff for 2024.
Emma [33:13]

You sow seeds, and they bloom. I’m hoping that in the new year they can bloom. And I’ve also, you know, I’m not going in blind, but a bit of a direction for what I want to do in Jan and beyond.
Emma [35:50]

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