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Strap in for part one of a two-part year in review extravaganza! I walk you through each month, sharing the behind-the-scenes of my life, money, and business. From navigating the challenges of self-employment, to the complexities of health issues and the exciting inception of the year-long wardrobe pause challenge, this year has been non-stop!

In between everything else, I have also been writing a book (available for preorder now!), and in this episode I’m giving you a peak behind the curtain about how I went about juggling that with the rest of my life. I also get real about how my freelancing and sponsored content has been going, and where this podcast fits in amongst it.

Stay tuned for part two, where I’ll be talking about the latter months of 2023, I promise it’s more positive than the start. Remember – Milhouse Mindset!

Episode highlights:

  • It’s my first full year of being self-employed! I’m chatting about what I’ve learned from it,
  • Challenges in mental and physical health, along with a busy schedule due to study,
  • Writing my book! Holy moly this is a big chunk of my year, but obviously it has a good ending!
  • Reflection on the podcast’s growth, and the challenges and complexities of sustaining a podcast.

This year in general just turned out very different to how I expected in terms of like I had some mental and physical health things that needed to be dealt with.
Emma [06:41]

I kind of realised that I wanted to finish study and I wanted to finish the book before I did this, sort of like next, I guess, phase because of, I guess the uncertainties that I was feeling around that.
Emma [07:54]

I knew that completing the book would not only give me this kind of beacon to stand behind of like what my work represents and also the confidence of standing behind that and the accomplishment and the achievement of finishing that project, as well as my study.
Emma [09:05]

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