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Buying clothes again after a full year of not buying ANY… what’s that like?! Well gang, I’m taking you inside my brain. Being back in the big wide world outside of my challenge bubble (I didn’t buy any clothes in 2023) has been humbling. While I learned so much last year and completely fell in love with my existing wardrobe, having the option of buying again has been more difficult to navigate than I expected.

In this episode, I take you through how I’m approaching solidifying my new approach to my wardrobe in the real world, the mistakes I’ve made now I’m buying again, and the challenges I’ve faced in trying to decide how to buy going forward.

I also dive into the decision fatigue that comes with deciding whether something is worth buying, and discuss how I plan to achieve the sense of peace I experienced during the year-long challenge, but without never buying.

I hope you enjoy this chatty episode, thanks so much for listening.

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