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I’m 6 months into my wardrobe freeze, and this episode I’m diving deep into the emotions, revelations, and insights that came from redefining my relationship with fashion and consumption. The initial excitement of novelty has worn off, and I’ve realised that the real challenge lies in finding creativity with the items I already have – and there have been moments when I just wanted to buy something new, especially when it comes to special occasions like weddings or birthdays!

A major factor that has kept me going over the last 6 months has been the sense of lightness and mental clarity that comes from not constantly shopping. It’s freeing not having to decide whether I should buy something, analyse my budget, or deal with the regret of returning items – don’t underestimate the amount of thought that can go into a clothing purchase!

As I look towards the second half of this 12-month challenge, I’ve started to focus on what my wardrobe truly needs. It’s not just about specific items, but also understanding the fabrics, cuts, and colours that make me feel amazing. I hope this episode leaves you feeling inspired to make more conscious wardrobe choices, and maybe even your own freeze!

Episode highlights:

  • How I’ve worked to stop that ‘scary number’ on my clothes tag limiting my style choices
  • Unpacking fashion FOMO, and finding new outfits from items I already own
  • A peek behind the curtain of the group wardrobe freeze challenge, and the benefits of sharing experiences, struggles and wins in a safe space

“We’re conditioned to feel an emotional connection to the things that we’re buying and we inflate their value so that we can justify that purchase.”

“It’s just been really interesting looking at who I’m buying for… it’s really hard to break the habitual process of buying for someone that you’re not.”

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