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By now, you’ve probably heard me talk about the significance of aligning your personal values not just with savings and investments but also with your day-to-day spending. In this episode, I’m highlighting the importance of recognising and understanding your natural spending tendencies and how they shape your financial behaviour. It’s about mastering the art of blending your financial choices seamlessly with your unique personality and priorities!

Like most things, there are pitfalls and exceptions to navigate. I share my own experiences, shedding light on the nuances of values-based spending, and the ongoing challenge of distinguishing between conditioned wants and genuine needs. The beauty of this approach lies in its dual nature: indulging in things that truly matter while also saving or investing in alignment with those core values.

And because learning doesn’t have to be all serious, I’ve got a couple fun exercises for you to try. These will guide you in uncovering and comprehending your financial values. Remember, getting to know yourself is the first step in getting on top of your money!

Episode highlights:

  • The importance of understanding and acknowledging your behaviour and motivations,
  • How savings and investments can also honour your values, contributing to your overall financial well-being,
  • Assessing how well current financial behaviours reflect values and potential for adjustments.

“It’s a lot easier to shut out a lot of that noise when you have your financial values nutted out and you really get into the flow of aligning your money to these values.”
Emma [10:34]

“I’ve noticed a lot that my priorities, my values are shifting and not like going against each other, but more just becoming more refined.”
Emma [17:55]

“Finding a way to honour your values in some way in your financial routine makes your money, makes your relationship with money instantly stronger, and it makes it easier to engage in the behaviours that are conducive to positive financial outcomes.”
Emma [31:07]

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