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In this episode I am joined by my friend Peta Serras to take a bit of a deep dive into the coaching industry. From life coaching to business coaching to relationship coaching – there’s all kinds of coaching available these days, sometimes costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, really!). Peta and I discuss the ethics of the coaching industry, what is and isn’t worth your money, the extent to which qualifications come into play, the gendered conversation around coaching, and how to discern red flags in coaches that might tempt you to sign up to their programs.


  • Using your wealth to sell your services is NOT okay
  • While some coaching is unethical, broadly hating on coaching as a whole has serious feminist implications
  • Green flags in coaches – what they CAN teach you, and why the dodgy ones are squashing the value of coaches that actually have something to offer
  • The predatory nature of the coaching industry
  • The darker side of coaching that resembles a pyramid scheme

Where to find Peta: @professionalbabe on Instagram.

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this podcast is general in nature and should not be considered financial advice, nor used to make a financial or investment decision. Please seek professional advice for information tailored to your own circumstances. 

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