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In this episode I chat to Slow Fashion Stylist, Jenna Flood from @ironicminimalist, about clothing consumption and our mutual commitment to not buy any clothing in 2023.

Together we talk about our own experiences with clothing consumption, including why we knew we wanted to do a wardrobe freeze.


  • Understanding the habits behind our consumption patterns
  • Noticing our impulses
  • Lessons from 3 months of no buy
  • How it feels to walk away from stuff we’d have otherwise bought
  • How we’re finding joy outside of consumption

Jenna’s Australian sustainable brand recommendations:

  • Kowtow
  • Arnsdorf
  • Nobody Denim
  • Hera
  • Patagonia
  • Denimsmith
  • ABCH
  • E Nolan
  • Anna Cordell
  • Caves Collect
  • Post Sole Studio
  • Etiko

Resources to find more brands:Good On YouEthical Clothing AustraliaList of plus size brands —

Also mentioned: Annika. She is a colourful plus-size model.

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