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Take a deep breath in… and out… ok now you’re ready for this week’s comments section! We’re diving into the real deal of self-care beyond the pretty pictures on social media. We’re talking about how we really make self-care work in our daily lives – from nifty apps that keep us zen to those little life hacks. But hang on, we’re also getting real about how self-care’s become a bit of a shopping spree. Are we actually nurturing ourselves or just splashing cash to feel good? We’re peeling back the layers on what self-care means and spotting the difference between quick fixes and the real thing that gives us a deeper kind of chill.

And, because we love getting into the nitty-gritty, we’re asking the tough questions about why we resort to these self-care ‘buys’. Is it genuinely soothing us or just patching up bigger issues? From psychological insights on why we shop when we’re down, to simple truths like, maybe we need to treat ourselves like a toddler to figure out what we really need, this episode is your call to rethink self-care. Don’t forget, we want to hear from you too! Drop into our socials and share how you’re keeping it real with self-care.

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