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In this episode I talk to money coach, Laura Ann Moore, about saving money, improving your relationship with money, boosting your habits, and understanding how our beliefs inform our behaviour. I LOVED this conversation and I hope you do too!


  • How Laura’s childhood experience made her a saver
  • How our individual experiences form unique beliefs
  • Learning how to safely spend money and let go of frugality and scarcity
  • The intersection of emotion and logic
  • Money mindfulness techniques to increase your awareness around your behaviour

Where to find Laura:

Instagram: @laura_ann_moore

TikTok: @laurannmoore

Podcast: Mind Money Soul

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Where to find me:

Instagram: @the.brokegeneration


Blog: The Broke Generation | Destination for Hot Mess Millennials

Disclaimer: Information contained in this podcast is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice, nor used to make a financial or investment decision. Please seek professional advice for information tailored to your own circumstances.

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