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You have successfully launched your side hustle. Congratulations! However, you might be wondering how to sustain and expand it further. Join your host, Emma Edwards, in the last episode of her side hustle school mini-series as she shares key things you can do with the side hustle you have created to ensure its longevity, or know when it’s time to call time.

Episode Highlights:

[00:01] Episode intro and what’s in for you today

[02:49] What to do with the side hustle you have created

[02:51] Doing a SWOTLH analysis

[06:23] Come back to your personal why

[09:07] Set growth goals

[11:56] Be aware of burnout

[13:00] Be aware of side hustle spending

[15:37] Taking your side hustle full-time

[17:22] Align your mindset

[20:02] A quick recap of ways to create longevity in your side hustle

[23:02] Call to action and ending the show

Standout Quotes:

“Your side hustle needs growth goals. But most importantly, think about how growth looks like, and how it resonates with why you started the hustle in the first place.”
Emma [09:10]

“When we start new projects such as our side hustles, we are always motivated and willing to work in jeopardy of our self-care. We should be aware of that because it can be a highway to burnout.”
Emma [12:43]

“A renewed mindset is necessary if your side hustle will have longevity. It is almost harder to take a side hustle full-time than to do your business full-time.”
Emma [17:22]

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