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Welcome to the side hustle school miniseries! In episode one, we’re diving into the foundations of what you’re going to offer in your side hustle, and answer key questions to help you gain that all-important clarity on next steps.

When selecting, conceptualising, and refining your side hustle, strategic decisions around the “Who,” “Why,” and “What” are pivotal to ensure a commercial application upon launch. Identifying your target audience (“Who”) and understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points to tailor your side hustle accordingly. The “Why,” which is the reason behind your side hustle, necessitates a compelling rationale behind your venture. One that will resonate with your audience. Whether it’s solving a problem, enhancing convenience, or offering a unique experience, a clear purpose will drive interest and engagement. The “What” pertains to the product or service you are offering, and it should be strategically designed, aligning with the experience you are delivering. By harmonising these elements, your side hustle can be tailored to meet your target audience’s needs, answer their problems, and seize an opportunity, thus positioning it for a solid commercial application upon launch.

Join your host, Emma Edwards, in episode one of the side hustle school mini-series as she shares more about deciding the why, the how, and the what of your side hustle. Learn how to get your side hustle dream off the ground, strategically position yourself for a strong commercial impact, and make sweet money out of it.

Episode Highlights:

[00:01] Episode intro and what’s in for you today

[01:56] What to expect from these five days

[03:36] Treating your side hustle with the respect it deserves

[04:50] Getting clear on what your side hustle is all about

[05:40] Deciding the #The What of your side hustle

[06:53] Today’s side hustle exercise for finding your side hustle idea

[11:04] Exploring the Who and Why of your side hustle idea

[12:53] An example of how to identify your Who and Why

[16:54] Figuring the How and Where of your side hustle

[19:34] Leveraging the experience you are offering to find the answers you need

[20:35] A quick recap and what to expect in episode two

[21:06] End

Standout Quotes:

“Your side hustle matters; your side gig is a real thing, and you are an absolute superhero for having one or thinking about starting one up.” – Emma [03:53]

“Exploring your who and why will help you refine your offering so that it can have a strong commercial application when you launch it.”
Emma [11:21]

“When you have an idea of why you are doing your side hustle, it can help you make decisions in the work that you are doing.”
Emma [12:02]

“Thinking of your who, becoming them, and walking yourself through a potential process of them purchasing your product or hiring you can help you to design a platform from which to launch your side hustle in a way that is tailored to them.”
Emma [18:39]

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