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In today’s episode, I’m sharing a personal technique I’ve been using to boost my productivity and achieve goals – making promises to myself. When you make a promise to a friend, you work hard to keep that promise, right? So it’s time to treat yourself with the same level of respect and commitment! I’m covering four big reasons why this approach is effective and how it can be applied to various aspects of life, not just your finances. I also have a little challenge for you, to help build momentum fostering self-respect and building a positive self-identity. Tune in to discover how this method can enhance self-trust, improve financial habits, and create a routine for achieving larger goals.

Episode highlights:

  • Micro actions lead to macro results
  • Integrate positive habits into daily routines with small daily promises
  • Build momentum, learn what works and refine your routine for long-term success

“I’ve had a lot of hard things to do, like life stuff, business stuff. I’ve had to pretty much bribe myself to be a functioning adult.”Emma [02:43]

“Making a promise to yourself not only sets the intention at the time but actually brings that concept of saying, I’m going to do this, I am respecting myself.” Emma [06:43]

Every time you follow through, when you break something down, follow through with it, the power is back in your hands and allows you to go a bit further and a bit further and a bit further every single time.“Emma [14:10]

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