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If you’ve clicked on this episode it’s probably because you’re fighting that nagging feeling that you’re ‘behind’ in life. It’s a topic that resonates with all of us, consuming our thoughts more often than we’d like to admit. Featuring voice notes from listeners, sharing their own experiences with this all-too-familiar sensation, and how to navigate the complex feeling of being behind in life.

Feeling behind isn’t just about the numbers; it’s about the choices we make, the experiences we gather, and the unique circumstances that shape our journey. Together we explore the need to discern the specific triggers that make us feel behind and the underlying emotions driving these perceptions. It’s important to define your own unique path, discover your core values, and find contentment in their distinct journey.

Episode highlights:

  • Learning to differentiate between the societal pressure to conform to certain life milestones and your own personal desires and values,
  • Recognising privilege and how comparing yourself to others who may have had different opportunities can be counterproductive,
  • The importance of self-awareness and personal growth.

“Getting aware is the very first stage, and that might be noting little things down if and when they pop into your mind or getting better at sort of slowing down and noticing when these thoughts and feelings are coming to you.”
Emma [11:15]

“Where can you kind of move away from that goal that’s been sort of drilled into you is the right thing to do.”
Emma [39:11]

“There is no decision, there is no end destination, there is no place you can be in your life where you don’t have questions about where you’re going next.”
Emma [39:35]

“The older you get, stage of life matters so much more. I’ve got friends that are 25 and I’ve got friends that are in their forties, but the stage of life is kind of more important than the age.”
Emma [42:26]

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