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In this episode I’m joined by Trenna Probert, as we tackle the big area of finance a lot of us don’t want to think about – retirement. Trenna is the co-founder of Super Fierce, a platform dedicated to helping people retire with financial security. Trenna is a passionate advocate for financial security, especially for women and minorities. Our discussion revolved around redefining retirement as a positive and integral part of life, challenging the negative narratives surrounding it.

Trenna emphasises the importance of choice in retirement planning, sharing her personal journey of financial challenges and rebuilding. The gender gap in retirement savings was another important topic we explored, dispelling the myth that women are worth less economically. Trina stressed the need for women to prioritise simple steps to improve their financial well-being.

Throughout the episode, we worked to reframe retirement as a positive and achievable goal, highlighting the need to embrace life’s unpredictability and learn from our past financial experiences. It’s important to realise that none of us have it all figured out, but with the right mindset and support, we can navigate life’s financial challenges and secure a brighter future.

Episode highlights:

Reframing retirement as a natural and exciting part of life, with everyone deserves a fulfilling future.

Exploring the concept of “failed to fierce,” where stumbling or failing is part of life, but it’s how we respond and innovate that matters.

Trenna shares the power of taking small steps today, and how even minor changes can significantly impact future financial well-being.

The gender wealth gap and the need for equity in retirement planning.

Check in on your private health cover – if you have it! Think about what could happen in your life, at different stages, that you would need covered.

“This is my life. I’m going to lean into my life. There are always going to be things that you cannot plan for. The only thing that you can control is the way that you respond to it.”Trenna [31:22]

“It’s not about the failure. It’s not about the stumble. It’s what you do in the moment that matters.”Trenna [33:33]

“Looking back is actually really important when it comes to looking forward”Emma [50:50]

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Podcast episode featuring Trenna: Female Founders: Trenna Probert: From concierge to fintech start-up founder

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