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In the final episode of The Comments Section, we dive headfirst into the complex nature of success. We start by exploring our personal definitions of success and how they vary, from simply getting through a tough day to making a long-term impact. We discuss the surprisingly positive power of revenge as a motivator to prove people wrong and achieve our goals. Though ‘revenge’ has negative associations, it can be a very satisfying driver of success, whether it’s in lifestyle, assets, or career, as long as you keep yourself in check.

Emma also flexes her financial psychology muscles, discussing how our comfort zones around money shape our beliefs and behaviours. We touch on revenge consumption, examining how you can align your spending motivations with personal values rather than trying to prove yourself to others. We also reflect on when it’s time to pump the brakes on your revenge/success journey, emphasising the importance of regular check-ins to see your progress and setting firm milestones to properly celebrate your achievements.

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