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Inspired by my friend Peta’s podcast episode on setting standards in business (go listen if you’re a business owner), today’s quickie episode gets you thinking about the standards you’re living by with your own personal finances. The habits we engage with create standards that we live by, and interrogating these standards can help us get out of our own way and start living to our full potential.

We explore the standards you might be accepting in your finances, and how you can look at raising your standards to get more out of your money and the way you experience the financial side of life.

Your challenge after this episode is to live your life as normal for one week, and look at the standards you’re allowing into your personal finances. Are you making things harder for yourself by choosing immediate enjoyment over longer term goals? Are you kind of addicted to the chaos of starting over every month? Are you so used to having your value dictated by a salary you’re not happy with that it’s become part of what you accept as standard?

This one will get you thinking.

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