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Got a long walk or drive planned? Queue up this ep, because it’s a long one! Joined by Jess Brady, I delve into the world of personal finance, shedding light on the psychological aspects that often overshadow the numbers. Jess, is an expert in financial psychology and founder of Green House, a financial literacy program.

We explore two distinct mindsets: financial stragglers and financial strivers. Financial stragglers tend to avoid accountability and justify their financial behaviour, while financial strivers embrace change, set meaningful goals aligned with their values, and learn from their mistakes.

Jess emphasises the importance of deep self-reflection regarding one’s relationship with money and suggests asking hard-hitting questions to uncover beliefs and behaviours. She challenges the normalisation of being “bad with money” in society and advocates for a more open and supportive financial community.

Anyone can shift from being a struggler to a striver by embracing personal accountability, seeking support, and aligning their financial goals with their values for a future filled with financial freedom and flourishing.

Episode highlights:

  • The importance of thinking about money in the context of one’s entire life rather than just day-to-day finances.
  • The cost of accessing traditional financial advice has been on the rise, making it less accessible to many people.
  • Understanding one’s core values and aligning financial goals with those values, without this alignment, financial strategies are less likely to be effective.
  • Mindset, personal accountability, and the willingness to learn and make changes, when it comes to finances.

“I love Conscious cash flows. I don’t like the word budget. It feels like dieting, very restrictive, very boring. It doesn’t work for me and it certainly doesn’t work for many of the people that I’ve worked with in the past.”Jess [12:15]

“Most people have never learned formally anything about money. You know, it’s really been left to the people around us to role model. Some did it exceptionally well, some didn’t do it very well. And we can learn from their mistakes, but they role model it in an environment that is exceptionally different to where we’re at today.”Jess [17:13]

“People are very passive, and we let that sort of autopilot, as I call it, kind of run the show when we’re not really making decisions in any part. We’re not really balancing the now and the future.”Emma [20:32]

“I think in any area of our life, if it’s important to you and if it’s worth whatever’s on the other side, to be passive is kind of selling yourself short.”Jess [21:45]

Where to find Jess Brady Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Join the waitlist for The Greenhouse Money Program, running in January 2024!

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