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I hired a stylist and I’m taking you on a deep dive into what my experience was like, what happened when we went shopping, and the things I learned about my consumption habits.

I recorded this episode just hours after I completed my personal shopping session to give you the real raw insights into what it was like as a curvy, jiggly gal trying on endless items of clothing in the space of 4 hours.



  • The relationship between consuming clothes and how I feel about my body
  • The ways I’d previously have bought things and how having a stylist changed that for me
  • Observations on how we view having “enough” clothes
  • How we approach tapering our desire to buy more, more, more
  • The experience of trying clothes on for hours on end, and the feeling of finding stuff that really worked
  • The role of a stylist when personal shopping, and the pre-and-post services that I’m engaging.


If you’re interested in hiring a stylist yourself, you can find Maddy at the below links:


Instagram: @_madaboutfashion


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Episode Transcript

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