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It’s the long awaited wardrobe freeze update! In this episode, I’m sharing my reflections on completing a year without buying any clothes. I share the challenges and the wins, diving into what I discovered about myself and my existing wardrobe.

I also unpack the strategies that got me through the year, and the importance of mental preparation and finding balance in various life aspects. From weight fluctuations to rediscovering treasures in my closet, I’m sharing the valuable lessons learned during this period of intentional living.

Looking ahead, I’m laying out my game plan for the next year and figuring out how to put into action what I’ve picked up. This involves tweaking how I approach clothing consumption – thinking about making my own, trying out rentals, and, of course, doing a bit of shopping.

Join me as I continue this journey of mindful consumption, reflecting on the past and stepping into a future where my relationship with clothes is not just about style, but about conscious choices and sustainable practices.

Episode highlights:

  • I finished my wardrobe freeze!
  • Insights into the challenges and wins during the wardrobe freeze,
  • How to prepare, physically and mentally, for a freeze,
  • The financial aspects of the challenge – how much did I save by not buying clothes?
  • My future plans post-wardrobe freeze, including seeking the help of a stylist!

I have a photo album on my phone of over 120 outfits I think that I put together throughout the year.
Emma [17:35]

Spend time in your wardrobe, spend time with the stuff that you’ve got. Get to know the stuff that you caught by setting aside half an hour on a Saturday morning or an extra half an hour when you’re getting ready.
Emma [17:48]

A lot of things will happen during a year. They’ll be events that you didn’t even know you were going to go to yet. There will be feelings that you have about the way that you look.
Emma [22:12]

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