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Winging it in business refers to making decisions without a clear plan or strategy. Instead of carefully thinking through decisions, some entrepreneurs choose to make things up as they go, which can lead to confusion, mistakes, and missed opportunities. Those who take the time to plan and prepare have a better chance of success. Do you want to level up your business game and start winning with a clear plan?

In this episode, Alice Benham, a seasoned business and marketing expert, shares valuable insights on being intentional with our money-making strategies in business. With her impressive experience of building a business from scratch at a young age and achieving remarkable growth, Alice offers practical tips for success. She emphasises the importance of intentionality when it comes to generating revenue and provides guidance on how to go beyond the initial stages of entrepreneurship. Tune in to discover how to build a solid foundation and soar to new heights in your business endeavours.

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:01] Episode intro and what’s in for you today
  • [03:27] A bit about Alice Benham and the value she brings to the table
  • [05:19] How Alice’s financial journey in business has been like
  • [08:54] How long it took her to be confident and grounded in her business
  • [12:33] Memories of shame from mistakes earlier made in business
  • [17:06 ] Alice’s relationship with money
  • [21:11] The best and easiest way to deal with your money issues
  • [30:04] The infinite nature of money
  • [39:15] Strategies Alice uses to help her clients come out of their financial chaos
  • [01:04:00] Call to action and ending the show

Standout Quotes:

  • “No one feels ready for business. The more a business grows, the more financial complexity you have to manage.”- Alice [14:17]
  • “In business, the lessons are hard, and they do not stop.”- Alice [15:36]
  • “The best and easiest way to sort your money issues is to start a business. You cannot avoid it.’-Alice [21:11]
  • “You cannot run a business and not be good with money because if you don’t, your business will fail.” – Alice [21:53]
  • “Fulfilment does not rest on that next level of income. Things get harder the more you make money.  ”-Alice [30:04]

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Hosted by Financial Behaviour Expert, Emma Edwards, Broke Business will leave you feeling seen and heard when it comes to business and money, and give you practical and emotional advice on how to feel more financially confident in your business.

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