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How to sell yourself an employer, with Tanaz Byramji

Get ready for an info-packed chat with career expert Tanaz Byramji! In this episode, Tanaz dishes out advice all about one of the scarier parts of being an adult – job hunting! We’re discussing how to take a purpose-driven approach to job hunting and application strategies that can help you land your next job!

Tanaz will show you how to boost your application game, and improve your chances of nailing that next interview. From crafting effective resumes and eye-catching cover letters, Tanaz explains how you can tailor each application, utilise storytelling techniques, and showcase the unique value you can bring to a role.

Learn how to develop the confidence to apply for roles, even when you don’t meet 100% of the criteria, and also how to spot when that dream job might not actually be what you want.

Episode Highlights:

Understanding your value proposition, identify your skills, experience, and knowledge and demonstrate how they align with the job requirements.

Continuously working on your career and developing your skills, by staying open to learning, and seeking opportunities for growth, you can proactively shape your career path.

Tailoring resumes and cover letters for each opportunity. By addressing specific requirements and demonstrating alignment with the employer’s needs, you can stand out from the competition!

“What’s come out of [the pandemic] is an increased awareness and appreciation, first and foremost of work life balance and flexibility.”
Tanaz [16:21]

“The idea of considering yourself an asset that you need to sell is really confronting. But what is essential to understand is that in the world of work and employment, employees are a product or service, whereas employers are the consumer of that product or service.”
Tanaz [24:36]

“I’ve been in businesses where the culture hasn’t been a good fit, and I think sometimes that can happen if you just kind of zoom through the hiring process… sometimes it can end up being a bad fit”
Emma [33:20]

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