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In today’s episode I take you through a series of tips to help reprogram your brain as a natural spender so that you can confidently manage your money and embrace your propensity to spend that dollaaaaar. Highlights:

  • Embracing the mindset of a natural saver without trying to be one
  • Why natural spenders are profiled by the media as greedy and lazy
  • How spending and saving tendencies stem from evolutionary behaviour
  • How to embrace being a natural spender and the benefits of being one
  • How to build a financial ecosystem that allows your natural spender personality to exist in a positive way

Where to find me:

Instagram: @the.brokegeneration


Disclaimer: Information contained in this podcast is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice, nor used to make a financial or investment decision. Please seek professional advice for information tailored to your own circumstances.

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