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In this episode, I explore navigating your financial goals while existing in a world of rising costs and stagnant wages. It’s crucial to maintain focus and avoid a defeatist mindset. I outline five strategies to help you build financial resilience, as well as a strong mindset.

Developing both mental and financial resilience is essential for handling future challenges. Consistency is key; keep pursuing financial goals despite slow progress. Focus on your personal financial journey, acknowledge fears about economic difficulties, and stay committed to your plans. Your financial situation is unique to you! Don’t let the general narrative dictate how you think and feel about money.

A previous episode ‘How to find your financial chill girl and build financial resilience’ features the three P’s of learned optimism – check it out here!

Episode highlights:

Honesty: Critically assess your unique financial situation and avoid generalising from the broader economic climate. Behaviour: Avoid reckless spending due to perceived economic hopelessness. Money Psychology: Recognise how past experiences shape current financial beliefs and behaviours. Resilience: Build both mental and financial resilience to better handle future adversities. Consistency: Continue working towards financial goals, even if progress is slow.

“Successful people, and people that have achieved their goals, don’t keep hitting pause every time they run into something like a difficulty.”

Emma [04:26]

“Shut out the noise, shut out everybody saying everything’s like this or everything’s like that.”

Emma [06:53]

“Think about how your overall money story and your overall beliefs about money might be intersecting with the way that you are behaving and experiencing and feeling about money during the difficult economic climate.”

Emma [15:23]

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