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Have you found yourself in a spending hamster wheel? Stuck in a cycle that seems impossible to break, with an urge to spend money, even when it doesn’t align with your goals? This solo episode I’m breaking down the cycle, showing you how to identify what motivates your spending, and understand the emotional needs behind the spending. I’m sharing my own experiences of being stuck in this cycle and feeling like my financial outcomes were out of my control. I’ve learned to step off that hamster wheel and take control of my financial behaviour. This process involves identifying the motivator behind my spending, understanding the needs I’m trying to meet, and redirecting my behaviour in healthier ways. Rather than just focusing on cutting spending, it’s essential to treat the underlying causes of your financial behaviour. By breaking the cycle and reprogramming your responses, you can achieve better financial outcomes and build self-trust. It’s not about avoiding spending altogether but making conscious and empowered financial decisions.

Episode highlights:

Understanding the spending hamster wheel, and the steps you can take to break it

Uncover the underlying emotional needs driving your spending behaviour.

How to redirect your energy and behaviour toward more productive alternatives.

Building self-trust by consciously practising new spending behaviours and making mindful choices.

I want you to think about the need that you try and meet when you spend money. Is it an emotion that you are trying to soothe? Is it a feeling you’re trying to obtain? Is it about control?Emma [16:52]

If you could buy who you wish you were, if you could buy your way out of low self esteem, then we wouldn’t be here working through this.Emma [26:57]

You can have peace from your spending decisions. You can feel truly in control, not just a perceived sense of control.Emma [32:23]

Learning how to spend money is not something that we’re taught, and it’s not something that’s covered often in personal finances until you meet me.Emma [35:17]

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