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It’s me and the mic again my friends for another solo episode, and this week we’re talking all about finding your financial chill girl. Let’s face it: stressing about money SUCKS A$$ – and because our brains are such drama queens, often we stress more than we actually need to.

Enter: the financial chill girl. In this episode I’m teaching you the principles of mental and financial resilience to help you build a sense of chill around your money and approach money management from a resilience-first perspective.


  • The antics our brains pull when experiencing financial adversity
  • The three P’s of learned optimism
  • How to intercept negative thoughts during financial adversity so you can get on with dealing with the issue objectively
  • The components of financial resilience and why personalising your approach is critical
  • Why managing your everyday money habits makes it infinitely easier to handle financial adversity + juice up your financial resilience

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