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Ever wish you could do a quick return on investment calculation on that roomier flight ticket you’re eyeing off? It turns out, you kinda can! In this episode, I’m exploring the concept of Return on Investment (ROI) beyond its traditional business context, applying it to personal finance and everyday life. By adopting an ROI mindset, you can build financial confidence, wellness, and a positive relationship with your money. We’ll dive into six key areas: spending, savings, debt, time, career, and self-investment. By making informed decisions tailored to your individual values and goals you can maximise those returns, regardless of whether they’re financial, lifestyle, or emotional.

Thanks for investing your time listening to this episode and don’t forget to give the ROI mindset a red hot go, and let me know what changes you’re making over on socials!

Episode highlights:

Good debt or bad debt? Evaluating the ROI of debt can reveal whether it leads to valuable financial or lifestyle improvements.

Treating time as a currency allows you to make decisions that maximise your personal and professional returns.

Viewing yourself as an asset and investing in personal growth, skills, and well-being can yield significant long-term returns, enriching your life and career.

“Cultivating an ROI mindset allows you to assess how you are evolving and how you can evolve your financial behaviour to keep up with that evolution” Emma [05:06]

“Having this transactional view of what am I putting in and what am I getting out can be really beneficial in helping you reclaim the decisions that you’re making.” Emma [20:19]

“You are your own investment vehicle, baby. You can get yourself up and get stuff out of you that enriches your life.” Emma [27:14]

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