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In today’s throwback solo-episode, I revisit a favourite from three years ago: being the main character of your finances. This concept is all about prioritising yourself and acting in ways that benefit you at your best.

Main character energy requires big-picture thinking, and looking beyond short-term desires to make financial decisions that truly benefit your long-term goals. We’ll discuss common behaviours that undermine your financial confidence, like spending to meet others’ expectations or making impulse purchases that don’t align with your values.

It’s time to romanticise your financial progress, and appreciate the small wins that often go unnoticed. It’s about making informed decisions, understanding your personal financial levels, and aligning your spending with your best self. Enjoy this journey back to 2021 and embrace your main character energy!

Episode highlights:

Reframe your mindset about money from a short-term, consumption-focused view to seeing it as a tool for long-term wellbeing and security. Recognise and eliminate financial behaviours that cater to others’ expectations or short-term desires, and instead align spending with your personal values and goals. Celebrate small financial wins and progress, and understand that true financial freedom comes from thoughtful, intentional spending and saving. Accounts mentioned in this episode:

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