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My book, “Good With Money” is finally out! This book goes beyond finances; it’s about self-discovery, understanding spending habits, and reshaping your relationship with money.

I’ll guide you through the book’s five sections, exploring non-financial narratives and the intricacies of personal psychology in money management, complete with bonus page turning ASMR. I’m also sharing excerpts, with a sneak peek into the themes of financial empowerment and confidence explored in the book.

I hope it becomes your guide to mastering money habits and navigating your unique financial journey. If you do get a copy of the book, snap a picture of it and tag me on your Instagram stories – it’s out in the wild now!

Episode highlights:

  • A bit of real-talk – I have some mixed emotions now that the book is out! The journey from writing to seeing it in bookstores has been overwhelming but exciting.
  • Get a sneak peek into how the media has impacted women’s financial empowerment and how social media influences financial decisions.

“I sort of look beyond the everyday habits of getting good with money. That is my sweet spot. That is what I, you know, focus on the most for getting good with money to getting you from Hot Mess Express to feeling financially confident.”
Emma [18:56]

“I could not write a book in 2024 that does not address the importance of understanding how to grow your money, how to, you know, go beyond having savings, what to do when you’ve got all your emergency fund and everything sorted out, growing your money long into the future and looking at that more wealth creation, stability, preservation side of things.”
Emma [21:11]

“We’re programmed to join the masses to survive, like following the crowd who are running from a predator. If you lose the pack, you die. But now let’s think about our financial behaviour. To what extent are we mirroring the norms of others around us, or outsourcing the appropriateness of our financial decisions to what others are doing?”
Emma [24:53]

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