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‘Tis the season for reflection! This episode I’m kicking off with a review of my 23 goals for 2023, both my achievements and setbacks, and exploring the reasons behind why some goals weren’t met – and whether I’ll be giving them another crack next year. I’m sharing insights into my own personal growth over the year, the challenges I faced, and the emotions tied to achieving my goals. I also share personal highlights, such as overcoming the mental hurdle of getting a new car and the importance of taking breaks. Whether they’re fun activity based like rock climbing, or important super contributions, goals should be made for yourself!

Episode highlights:

  • Reflecting on the benefit of adding a level of accountability to goal setting,
  • The importance of flexibility in adjusting goals, especially when faced with unexpected challenges,
  • Overcoming mental hurdles in financial decision-making.

Even if you do not share your life and your goals with the internet and listeners and things like that, I really encourage you to just set a list of 24 things that you want to do, even if those things aren’t even necessarily hard, just things you want to do.
Emma [02:42]

I have really found that it’s pushed me to saying ‘come on, we’ve got three months left of the year. Which of these can you do?’ Or even just take a step closer to some of them.
Emma [03:00]

I’m pretty happy with having this list because I’m like, you know what I’m going to put I’m going to find $1,000, or if it’s 500, I’m going to put it in there so that I have done something for future me.
Emma [13:12]

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