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Grab an $18 green smoothie, lounge on your million-dollar sun lounge, and get comfortable as we dip our toes into the delicate balance between budget and boujie. We explore the nuances of spending habits, including the Price Per Wear/Use method and how it doesn’t apply to every purchases.

Have you experienced the social stigma associated with using vouchers or coupons, and the pressure to maintain appearances? We’re sharing personal experiences and struggles with confronting financial judgments from others.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing money. What’s important is understanding your personal values and finding a balance that aligns with your individual lifestyles – financial growth and self-awareness are ongoing processes! Let us know on socials how you balance out your boujie-ness!

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Emma – in Chaos – Edwards, and Victoria ‘Fairy Bread’ Shakeshaft

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