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It’s the penultimate guest episode of the year! This week I’m joined by Kate Campbell, financial educator, and co-host of the Australian Finance Podcast – and now author! We discussed the value of investing and how it connects with our life goals. Kate emphasised the importance of reframing your identity as an investor and starting small to build confidence.

We also explored how personal values and experiences can shape financial decisions and the significance of questioning advice from others. Kate stressed that taking one step at a time, enhancing financial literacy, and asking better questions when working with financial professionals can lead to better financial well-being.

With Kate’s book now out, we also unpacked the significance of prioritising relationships and allocating time and resources to nurture them. The balance between living in the present and securing a better future, with a focus on relationships and well-being as key aspects of a fulfilling life.

Episode highlights:

  • The challenge of dealing with pushback from friends and family who may have different values or life goals.
  • Forgiving yourself for past financial decisions and understanding that those decisions were made based on the knowledge and experiences available at the time.
  • The concept of taking ‘healthy risks’ in investing and starting small, learning as you go, and seeking support from resources like podcasts, courses, and online communities.

“I honestly think that one of the most powerful things I did for my finances was forgive myself for everything that I did, quote unquote wrong or everything I didn’t do because there’s a unique type of shame that relates to things that we think we should have done or that we should have known better.”

“The answer lies within you, and I think this is why a lot of people, particularly with money stuff and particularly investing, you learn and you learn. And then there comes a point where you can’t learn any more. You’ve just got to make yourself do it.”
Emma [26:33]

“There’s not really a free lunch in investing. If someone’s offering you something for free, really start to question it.”
Kate [39:45]

“If we can focus a little bit more on the relationship piece and if we can allocate a bit more time and money to that side of things, then we’re going to be happier longer term.”
Kate [50:52]

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