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This BONUS episode was requested by a couple of listeners so I hope this is going to be helpful for lots of you! If you spend money on takeaway or eating out regularly and want to cut back without giving up the things you love, these ten tips will help you form new value-focused habits to ensure you’re still getting all the stuff you love, and none of the stuff you don’t.Highlights:

Understanding what’s going on when you’re ordering takeaway and how to meet that need without spending a fortune

Assessing how to get the same enjoyment from takeaway with less money

Contextualising the money you spend on takeaway and connecting to what else it could be used for

Building an arsenal of fake takeaways to have on hand at home

Adding roadblocks between you and the takeaway apps to keep you focused

Ways to get discounts and/or cashback on the takeaways you do buy

PLUS mini hacks on slashing your eating out spend without giving up the experience of doing so

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