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What’s your relationship like with your money? Are you an awesome, supportive friend? A lazy roommate? Maybe you’re more of a strict and toxic boss? This episode I’m helping you to understand if you’re in a toxic relationship with your money, and what you can do to improve it. It’s essential to understand your financial behaviours and why you do what you do when it comes to making financial choices. I’m talking about proactive steps, like tackling financial admin tasks or making tough financial decisions, that you can do to strengthen your relationship with money. By fostering a healthier mindset and environment around money, you can empower yourself to make better financial decisions.

Episode highlights:

  • Unhealthy relationships with money may involve negative feelings, avoidance, overspending, and regret, leading to a lack of control.
  • Looking for a quick win to enhance the relationship with money? Set up and save for specific goals, both serious and fun.
  • Carve out dedicated financial empowerment time, whether for goal-setting, visualisation, or intentional spending, you can contribute to a healthier relationship with money.

“When we’re talking about an unhealthy relationship with money that can look like lots of negative feelings around money, it can look like avoidance, it can look like overspending, it can look like underspending.”
Emma [02:48]

“A healthy relationship with money looks like having a sense of peace around money. It doesn’t mean that that’s sitting there thinking everything’s perfect, because I actually don’t think that anybody ever gets to that point with money.”
Emma [03:51]

“Where might your environment, whether that is the people you’re around, the places you’re around, your physical environment, your routines, your habits, your home, your norms, your standards… Where might those things be upholding your negative relationship with money?”
Emma [16:11]

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