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In this episode I am joined by everyone’s internet sister, author of I Don’t Need Therapy, co-host of the Toni and Ryan podcast… TONI LODGE! I know, pinch me. Toni shares what it’s like to have a desire to be famous from a young age, what happens when you actually get it, and why there was a bit more to her desire for fame than what you might expect.


  • What it’s like going viral and having one of the most successful podcasts in the country
  • The groundwork that happens underneath the wild success that people don’t see
  • How money comes into the equation when you do what you love for a living
  • Fears of success and growth – and why we worry we’ll lose it all
  • The pressure of being funny for a living
  • … and why sandwiches are the best food of all time.

Where to find Toni:

The Toni and Ryan Podcast – exclusive to Spotify

Instagram: @tonilodge

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