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This episode I’m joined by Business and Manifestation Coach Kira Matthews, together we demystify the woo-woo and embrace the practical power of manifestation, uncovering its impact on your financial journey. Kira shares her personal transformation journey, and how overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and embracing abundance helped to create her dream life. We also discuss her ‘90-day model’, and the significance of setting time-bound and actionable goals, along with the (sometimes essential) role of failure in the process!

The key to manifestation, when it comes to finance, is shifting our relationship with money and understanding that it’s neutral; we give it meaning. By working on our mindset, embracing abundance, and taking inspired action, we can manifest a positive financial reality. By integrating mindset, belief, and action into our everyday lives, we can be empowered to create the life we desire and achieve financial success.


The importance of approaching manifestation with a practical and logical mindset rather than getting caught up in the mystical or “woo-woo” aspects often associated with it.

A 90 day approach to goal setting, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and ensure a higher likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes within a practical timeline.

How to channel the principles of manifestation even as a non-believer, and not limited to a particular belief system.

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