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Feeling stuck in your financial journey without a clue on how to move forward? Don’t worry, you’re in good hands! Today, I’m dishing out 7 essential principles to jumpstart your path to better finances this year. Whether it’s reclaiming time for your passions or ditching the anxiety over looming bills, these steps may seem small but they pack a punch. Embracing progress, no matter how modest, paves the way for greater achievements down the line.

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Episode highlights:

Establish some form of financial structure for effective money management, whether it’s through detailed budgeting or broader categorisation.

Allow yourself the flexibility to spend on certain indulgences within your budget, this can help maintain motivation and prevent feelings of restriction

Visualise your long-term goals and the person you want to become can make short-term sacrifices less daunting.

“[Have] some money set aside that you do not touch. Whether that is $100, whether it is $1,000, whether it is $10,000, a really good way to up your money standards and increase your commitment to what you’re trying to do is getting used to having money in your possession that you do not touch.” Emma [19:54]

“Building in a break with your financial behaviour and financial goals before you feel like you need it can actually renew your motivation.” Emma [35:14]

“You need breaks from being perfect with money.”Emma [34:31]

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