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In this solo episode, I reflect on the “sliding doors” moments that shaped the course of my life. From last-minute university decisions, to an offhand comment from a dissertation tutor, I unpack how these choices led me down a career path I hadn’t considered. Fast forward to a lucrative job offer, which promised financial success and growth within a startup. Despite the allure, I listened to my gut and declined, opting to focus on my freelancing and passion project, The Broke Generation.

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about how different my life could be if I had made different decisions along the way, but it’s also crucial to look back and celebrate the moments that led to the career I have now. So… what’s your “sliding door” moment? Let me know over on my Instagram, and we can continue our conversation over there!

Episode highlights:

How my last-minute decision to attend a local university led to living with unexpected housemates, including my future husband’s best friend.

A comment from my tutor about my writing talent gave me the confidence to explore copywriting as a career path.

Rejecting a high-paying job offer to focus on my freelancing and my passion project, The Broke Generation, kickstarted my journey as a successful entrepreneur.

Embarking on the podcast venture created new friendships, connections, and a platform that significantly shaped my life and career.

I didn’t know I was good at writing. I always knew I liked writing and I knew that I always wanted extra paper in exams because I had so much to say. But if [my tutor] hadn’t said that [I was a good writer], I never would have entertained the idea of writing being a career for me.
Emma [16:43]

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